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Kids & Youth

We recognise that children are a gift from God.

Regardless of gender, age, abilities, race, colour, language, or socioeconomic circumstances children should have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Children are able to make a commitment to Jesus Christ. Children are able to find assurance of acceptance and forgiveness in Jesus Christ & they can experience His unconditional love. Children can be taught how to develop a life-long relationship with God.

Our endeavour is to provide an environment that stimulates learning.

Our classroom design, furnishings and educational equipment keep in mind the appropriate age group characteristics for the children in that particular room.

Kids & Youth

Our Programmes are centred at making the word of God relevant for the children. Our focus is not on program but on the child.

A variety of tools are used to make their lessons meaningful. We are constantly exploring means & methods to teach the children in fun and creative ways. We endeavour to make the lessons experience based.

Our ministry is not solely passive learning (standing in front of a classrooms and reciting scripture or telling a story). Our ministry is also active learning as children are involved in the learning process: Questioning, discovering and evaluating.

Our Curriculum is designed to help the child discover what God's Word says and how to apply that truth to his/her life.

We equip the child to live the bible.

Kids & Youth

Revive Kids Leadership team is comprised of individuals who have trusted Christ as their personal Saviour and desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with our children.

All the members of the team are members of our congregation. Our endeavour is to provide proper training to equip then to introduce Jesus and His saving transforming grace in everyday life as a matter of fact.

In order to accomplish this goal our leaders are encouraged to develop a meaning relationship with the kids & their families so they can teach and model biblical truths in a normal everyday setting.

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